Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010


First I wanted to write an entry about the Barcelona Airport...Why? Simply because I can... plus I stumbled over an old Jay-Z record reading a very interesting article in the gossip pushing Complex magazine:

(skip to 1:23 ! Seeing is believing!)
Is it me, or did Mr. Shawn Carter work at the airport at that time, sportin their uniform?
Exhibit of his gang:

...their managers even wear yellow pimp suits! (exhibit B)

My dearest Youtube (hate/love relationship since day one) then suggested me to watch one of these Styles P freestyles over the Feelin it beat. That made me getting stuck with all these tons of freestyles he threw up on youtube. It seems like dude always got the right choice of beats. Comparable to the Thornton Brothers.
Therefor I will end this post with a minor major collection of song sketches from Paniro the Ghost, 2nd best third of the LOX:

This is blogentry is just for me and myself, because I like Styles' flow and these instrumentals...
an ear-pleasing experience! :-)

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