Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

The Kiss of Death ist ja erstmal bemerkenswert, dass jetzt schon wie selbstverständlich (teure) Videos für JEDES Mixtape gedreht werden und Mixtapes auch OHNE DJ-Rumgebrülle, Gashupen und Rewinds auskommen! Ich HASSE es, wenn DJ Drama meine Mixtapes voice-raped!
Aber darum geht es hier garnicht.
Als ich das neue Jadakiss Video sah, hörte es sich extrem wie 2002 an!
Das skurrile "Kiss of Death Bootleg" (nicht das offizielle Album von 2004) habe ich ungefähr TOTgehört.
Und Das weckt Erinnerungen!
Wer mich kennt kann damit was anfangen:

Mann Mann Mann.... NOSTALGIA ULTRA!
Weiß eigentlich jemand, ob es ein R'n'B-Mixtape mit allen Parts von Jadakiss gibt?
Ähnlich, wie das R'n'Yeezy oder das R'n'Weezy Mixtape von Nahright...
Bitte! Danke!

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011


...rauskommen werden die Alben jener beiden jungen Herren, die heute quasi parallel überzeugende Videos (mit schwarzen Klamotten) rausgehauen haben:

Neben Kendrick und Casper sind auf meiner persönlichen Artists-to-watch-Liste 2011 definitiv noch folgende Geschichten:

The rapping Nelson Muntz

Cuvée Rozay Brut, the BAWSE!

Okay, no more jokes about the Walro$$ Ricky Rozay!
Yeah yeah it's an old head, that he was rather a (not so) famous cop than an infamous drug trafficking slumlord.
Good ol' Fiddy summed it up quite well:

Thanks for the work, GGGGGG-String Curt!
Nevertheless I always liked (some of) his music.
With Def Jam's quality control for the newly developed artists under the leadership of Mr. Carter, there were always a few enjoyable tracks to be found on the Bawse's LP's.
He could have been a kindergardener or a florist in real life, but during his 45 minutes (of fame) he was the baddest kilo pushing villain to me next to The Clipse, Ghostface and Raekwon.
(Although he rather knew the real Noreaga than the REAL Noriega...)
It worked more as a rapped movie to me, not as a rapped real life documentation.
A few ounces of uncut baking powder:

In recent times he attracts attention for his label compilation (I am still waiting for a lawsuit by the Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH + I believe that this "deal" won't work for Wale, b/c it doesn't really fit his rap-about-rap-image).
In addition to that, and the M A I N R E A S O N why I wrote all this gibberish about Ricky Donnell Ross William Leonard Roberts II, is his recent Complex cover.
Hilarious ish:

How can a cop ternt rappa survive a beef with Curt, have Sean Carter as a colleague, chill with Yeezy on Hawaii and make fun about himself with these covers by not losing any of his (nonexistent) <strike>integritystrike> realness?
Even the elderly gentlemen accepted him as a member of the family:

Chapeau, Mr Ricky Rosé!

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Lion King

J. Cole - Return of Simba by Hypetrak

Surprise! Surprise!
New track from Cole! #ColeWorld!
Him and Hovi Hov out on the same island!
I like it how constantly he pursued the metaphor of him being the young simba "who cannot wait to be the king"! his employer has to be either Mufasa (or Scar), right?


How could a song that covers Biggies "Hypnotize Me", samples Rihanna's "Umbrella" drumloop and features my favorite lonely stoner have passed me by?!
Maybe because it's a song by a british wonky pop artist with a massive scarf collection who sings in an Italian house band and I am not really wonky-tonky-savvy....
Could be!
THANK GOD I randomly came across a banner popup on my favorite magazine's website...

Probably the best Cudder feature since "Welcome 2 the World" & "She Came Along" and my new Macbook background:

Mood Muzak:



Link: Rihanna Ft Jay Z - Umbrella


Fun Facts:

1.) Apple GarageBand's Vintage Funk Kit 03:

2.) Rock'n'Roll:

PS: I just saw that I might be quite wonky pop savvy...if you really think inside the genre box!

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

more than just... average MC with an inhouse producer who samples big indie(tronic)* smashhits and tries to sell them as
, but a quite talented group! I was convinced by listening to their old Swelly Express mixtape during my daily study/facebook-session in the library:


Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults from huziii123 on Vimeo.

PS: Yeah I know that there are even bigger (one hit wonder?) celebrities in the interwebzzz at the moment, but who gives an eff about Mac Miller, Childish Gambino or The Weeknd?!

KIDDING! I looooooove all of them!

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011


I thought that Drizzys new track "Dreams Money Can Buy" rather features a Lykke Li sample (Time Flies) than Jai Paul....

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the beat though!

PS: It reminded me so much of Drake's Unforgettable and J.Cole's You Got It: