Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Cuvée Rozay Brut, the BAWSE!

Okay, no more jokes about the Walro$$ Ricky Rozay!
Yeah yeah it's an old head, that he was rather a (not so) famous cop than an infamous drug trafficking slumlord.
Good ol' Fiddy summed it up quite well:

Thanks for the work, GGGGGG-String Curt!
Nevertheless I always liked (some of) his music.
With Def Jam's quality control for the newly developed artists under the leadership of Mr. Carter, there were always a few enjoyable tracks to be found on the Bawse's LP's.
He could have been a kindergardener or a florist in real life, but during his 45 minutes (of fame) he was the baddest kilo pushing villain to me next to The Clipse, Ghostface and Raekwon.
(Although he rather knew the real Noreaga than the REAL Noriega...)
It worked more as a rapped movie to me, not as a rapped real life documentation.
A few ounces of uncut baking powder:

In recent times he attracts attention for his label compilation (I am still waiting for a lawsuit by the Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH + I believe that this "deal" won't work for Wale, b/c it doesn't really fit his rap-about-rap-image).
In addition to that, and the M A I N R E A S O N why I wrote all this gibberish about Ricky Donnell Ross William Leonard Roberts II, is his recent Complex cover.
Hilarious ish:

How can a cop ternt rappa survive a beef with Curt, have Sean Carter as a colleague, chill with Yeezy on Hawaii and make fun about himself with these covers by not losing any of his (nonexistent) <strike>integritystrike> realness?
Even the elderly gentlemen accepted him as a member of the family:

Chapeau, Mr Ricky Rosé!

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