Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

so much to watch...

...and so little time!
Just came back from my trip to the UK visiting a good friend of mine in a small hicksville called Coventry. Halfway between London and Birmingham. In the former one which we visited yesterday I checked out the HMV at Oxford Circus and found this and this (for just £8 in total, yayyyyy!!!!) but not that and in the latter one which we visited today I checked out a major mall and didn't find this.
As I said, I just came back and had to find out that A LOOOOOT of things happened this weekend (musicallywise).
So long story short: Attached to this post I'm going to post all the videos I am going to watch tmrw when I got more time:


new stuff from Mark! Cheers, mate:

Mr June 15th:

Hot chip stuff:

I still don't know why the format of the youtube videos is so f*cked up in my blog and I still don't know why I wrote this whole entry in English! ...probably the force of habit...

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