Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Actor turned rapper

Thanks to HYPETRAK (the new nahright for me) I've already stumbled upon such talented artists such as James Blake or Jamie XX:

My newest discovery is a rapper with the moniker Childish Gambino. He seems to have a comparable background as Drake, with all that acting stuff and one can clearly hear influences from Drizzy and Weezy in his rhymes. But hey! Isn't everybody influenced by some former musicians?! So you can probably track back every musician's influence on the world to a chick named "Lucy"...
First track I've heard from Mr Glover was a cover version of Kanye's humongous track "All of the Lights":

I was pretty much blown away by the emotions Gambino managed to transfer into the song, creating his very own version!
So I threw every mixtape I could find onto my iPhone which ended up in a bit of a mess. I was a bit disappointed of hearing ANOTHER Lil' Wayne biter...
But then I gave it a few more spins and especially his EP seems to be quite nice.
First official video with punchlines like "I run this b#tch, you're just a dog walker" or more thoughtful stuff like "You get sloppy drunk, I stay whiskey neat!"

In the accoustic version in his hotel room (which reminds me of the young J.Cole btw) he manages to transfer very different emotions into the same song, AGAIN:

To sum up: What I have witnessed until now is pure greatness! I expect more to come!

PS: Even though his interviews are a bit #ghey:

PPS: His website also offered some nice videos! --> on to the next post!

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